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Parent Information

Player IDs 
SMYAC is requiring players to either have a Maryland State Id, a military id, or a passport. This is to help verify a child is who they say they are and are in the correct division. If you have any questions please send them to us. 

Game Day:

Your Head Coach will specify a time that he will want children at the game site prior to a game.  Typically it is one hour prior to the start of your scheduled game.   During this time, each coach is required to ensure children have proper equipment and provide player cards for the opposing coach.  Warm-ups and pre-game activities also take place during this time.  Please make every effort to respect the coaches and players by being on-time.  Players should bring all football equipment with them.

Additionally this is your child’s time to shine!!!  Please cheer your children on!  Be loud, be proud!  But above all be respectful.

All parents, players and coaches must sign personal conduct forms.  We expect all concerned to act accordingly.  If you cannot act in accordance w/our policy, you will be asked to leave the game/practice/event area immediately.  If necessary we will contact law enforcement agencies.

Our Philosophy:

We first and foremost wish to provide a safe and fun environment for your children.  Secondly our intent is to teach and instruct young men and women the basic fundamentals of football.  Lastly, we want to ensure good sportsmanship—regardless of winning or losing.  At times we may lose perspective, but please do your best to conduct yourselves accordingly and act in adherence to our tenants.  All of our coaches, team moms, elected and appointed board members are strictly volunteers; please respect our efforts.

Parent and Player Concerns:

If you have an issue that needs to be addressed or would like to give constructive or positive feedback, please speak with your coach first.  If that is not an option or does not resolve the issue, please seek your age commissioner.  Their contact information can found under the "Our Staff" Page.  The commissioners are there to listen to all disputes and advise on a course of action.  If the course of action is unacceptable to the parties involved they will bring the issue to the Leonardtown Wildcats Board.  Please make every attempt to use this process if the need arises.

What can I do to help my child be a better player?

The most important aspect of being a parent or guardian of a player is to show your support each and every time they play or practice.  A simple pat on the back and words of encouragement go a long way to help a child improve.  Be supportive at all times!

I would like to volunteer as a coach.  How can I help?

We are completely dependent on volunteers to maintain our organization.  Our organization is only as good as our volunteers.  If you would like to assist in anyway, please email us. Our contact info is located on the bottom of our website.  We can always use a helping hand at practices, games and events.  If you wish to participate as a coach, you must complete a back ground check and complete an online course; NO EXCEPTIONS.  See your coach if you have additional questions.  Note—parents, friends and family members are NOT permitted on practice or game fields while practices or games are being held.

How do I find out if my game or practice has been canceled?

Your coach will notify parents via text or email of any cancellations.  During the season we update the Leonardtown Wildcats Facebook page with current information regarding practices, games and events.  You can also visit our website and/or contact your coach personally.
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